Designer : Chazz Owens
Category : Men’s & Women’s Clothing

Twozzday (Las Vegas) is a fashion design company founded by Chazz Twozz (2•Z) in 2016 while attending college. Once graduating with an electrical engineering degree, Chazz Twozz decided to forfeit his future academic career and pursue fashion full time. The brand Twozzday is pronounced like the day of the week “Tuesday” which is inspired by the beauty of everyday life. Twozzday incorporates new VR technologies and shopping experiences with its unique virtual website, but also displays high attention to details that make each garment stand out in person. Since then, Twozzday has been featured in New York and London Fashion Week, alongside some of the top publications in the United States such as TMZ, Complex & Upscale Hype just to name a few. Throughout the rapid expansion of the brand, Twozzday has gained the support of top celebrities wearing and endorsing the brand such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Lil Uzi Vert, Meg the Stallion, Pharrell, and many more.

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