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Each designer wishing to participate must submit an application form in order to manage audition informations.


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    General Conditions : Terms and Conditions

    1) ORGANIZER :

    NOMET EVENTS is organized by NOMET FRANCE whose registered office is in Paris, FRANCE (VAT Number : FR 18 752 216 572).


    NOMET EVENTS is a fashion event that showcases the latest trends from around the world. It provides a link of fashion content with various kinds of fashion events through the media, web, shops, … The collections can all be viewed in our spaces. By incorporating a wide variety of services within the fashion industry, NOMET EVENTS aims to create new business opportunities.


    NOMET shall set the dates and location for NOMET EVENTS taking into account the calendar of the different fashion weeks.


    NOMET accepts the application form based on criteria such as : reception date of the application form, "creativity - originality - quality" of the articles, presentation of the collection. No compensation shall be provided for rejection of the application form.


    After each application form is validated, the designer will receive an admission form to complete. The signature and stamp of the designer and NOMET are necessary in order to take part in a future event. In this way, each admission form can not be canceled by the designer. Once NOMET has received the completed admission form filled, NOMET shall send at the designer an invoice. With each season, new admission form is required from each designer.


    All new designers who wish to take part in a future event, shall submit an online application form via NOMET website :
    NOMET reserves the right to accept or refuse the designer's brand after the audition. If the brand is accepted, NOMET will then send the admission form.

    7) PAYMENT :

    At the reception of the invoice, the designer shall pay NOMET the fixed event price, by no later than the deadline of payment indicated in the invoice. The space will not be made available to the designer before full payment is made. If the designer wishes to cancel the admission form approved by both parties, penalties may be applied to the designer.


    During the event, if there are damages caused on material and/or immaterial goods by the designer, they will be charged to him. Event equipment is organized by NOMET. Smoking is prohibited at NOMET EVENTS. If there is a fire, earthquake, natural disaster or other event, NOMET can change the date or cancel the event, there is no reimbursement after the payment. In this case, the designer can not refer an action against NOMET to the Court of Justice.


    The designer authorizes NOMET, to put photos and/or films of the designer brand, as well as the articles of the collection, to use the images on all types of media, to quote the brand as a reference for communication, to use the brand on all types of media, both in FRANCE and Abroad.

    10) LIABILITY :

    Each Company of the Designers has be necessarily registered at the Companies Register. NOMET disclaims any liabilities for any litigations that may be maintained for any reasons.


    Each designer is responsible for the customs formalities, materials and articles originating from or to a foreign country. NOMET shall not be responsible for any difficulties that may occur in these formalities, but NOMET can help the designer in these processes.

    12) DATABASE :

    The database collected in the application form shall be processed by NOMET and will not be disclosed to any companies.


    For litigation concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions, the Paris Courts alone shall have jurisdiction. The designer specifically agrees that these general conditions are subject to French law. Any claims shall be made by registered mail with return receipt requested.

    I accept the General Conditions

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